Announce Messages with Siri in iOS 13, is quite a new feature that will be very helpful for AirPods and iPhone users. With this, you can now even reply faster to the messages if the iPhone is connected to AirPods or Powerbeats Pro. Unfortunately, Announce Message with Siri in iOS 13, only works if you have AirPods 2 or Powerbeats Pro. The first generation of Apple AirPods is made up using W1 chip; besides, AirPods 2nd generation contains H1 chip. H1 chip has upgraded AirPods 2 to next level, in few days hopefully Apple will add some terrific functions to AirPods 2.

Once you update iPhone to iOS 13 and try to pair the AirPods 2 with iPhone, the device will show pop-up asking you to enable Announce Messages with Siri. Like, it says, “When AirPods are connected, Siri will read incoming messages as they arrive. Respond to a message just by speaking to Siri”. If you have missed this pop-up then, follow the steps and enable Announce Messages with Siri in iPhone.  

Enable Announce Messages with Siri in iPhone

Note: Announce Messages with Siri will only work if you have Second-generation AirPods or Powerbeats Pro. Because this feature requires H1 chip to work.

Step #1: Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on “Notifications”.

Step #3: Choose “Announce Messages with Siri”.

Step #4: Enable Announce Messages with Siri.

What are the apps that support Announce Messages with Siri?

Currently, iPhone read text messages automatically on Messages app and other third-party applications that are designed with SiriKt Developer API. So, you have to check out the app description to know which are the applications that will work with Announce Messages with Siri.

How to customize Announce Messages with Siri on iOS 13?

This is really one of the best features until someone hears your secret messages. Because when you enable for anyone, then the Siri will announce the message from all the contacts. However, the good news is, iOS 13 lets you customize Announce Messages with Siri. Siri will only announce the messages for the apps that you are allowing. It can be done from the above steps, toggle off the switch next to the app, from that you don’t want to announce messages. By default, Everyone is selected.

  • Recents:- This option will allow Siri to announce the messages from your recent conversation. Like, few minutes before you were talking to a friend and you have received the message from that contact then Siri will announce the messages.
  • All Contacts:- Siri will read out messages of the contacts that are saved on your device. It won’t announce messages from unknown contacts.
  • Favorites:- If you have marked favorite any contact then, Siri will announce their messages only.

That’s It! Now Siri will announce text messages on iPhone from the contacts you would like to hear. Siri Announcement in iOS 13 is very helpful but only when you customize it. Otherwise, you may end up in a bad situation if anyone listens to your confidential talks.


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